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Add Blood, Metal and The Book Of Pure Evil To Your Netflix Queue

Hey Americans, here’s something to pick up your spirits after Hurricane Sandy and the US Elections. Todd & the Book of Pure Evil is now streaming both Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix US. Hot Toddies, tell all your friends they can now enjoy all the pure evil fun you’ve been telling them about.

And while you’re watching all 26 goretastic episodes, write up some awesome reviews. Now is the time to spread the word about Todd, Jenny, Curtis, Hannah B., Atticus, Jimmy, The Metal Dudes, Mischievio, Cockmonster, The Homunculus, Scooter, Titty Wizard, Ms. Dempsey, Monster Fat, The Bram Stoker Explosion, Len Bergman, Wandafer Winterbottom and all the other big horny crazies that make up the world of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.

Click here to hop over to Netflix if you are in the U.S:

Go Goats!!

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