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Todd Invades UK, Season 2 Premieres on FEARnet March 13th

Hey Hot-Toddies,

We’re finally crossing the pond to the UK! Starting March 6th at 10pm, Syfy UK will be premiering season 1 of the series.

It going to be a busy month for the book and it all started with Season 1 finally hitting shelves in the U.S. on DVD. There’s been a lot of great reviews including this one from our friend Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News. Americans can grab their copy on Amazon.com.

Speaking of Ain’t It Cool – Harry Knowles will be moderating a panel about Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin. The panel is on March 12th, so if you’re in Austin make sure you take a break from the BBQ to comes say hi.

The very next day, March 13th, US audience will finally have Season 2 unleashed on them, only on FEARnet. Season 2 is bigger and better than the first so don’t forget to tune in!




If it’s October, then it must be Toddtober.

Does that headline make a lot of sense? No. But that doesn’t matter because the information below is so good that you won’t even have to think about it.

So please pull out your calendars, cross out all your other plans for the next month and get ready to mark down the following information:

October 10th – Innerspace invades the set of Season 2 in a Behind-the-Scenes Special
October 11th -Season 1 DVDs are FINALLY released
October 29th – a special Halloween event in Toronto
October 30th – The moment we have all been waiting for! Season 2 premieres on SPACE.

And who knows, maybe there will be millions of more surprises along the way, so keep an eye on this site or our facebook page for more updates.

And hey, keep it clean and safe, and avoid German Herpes this Toddtober.


Todd Premieres on FEARNet Tuesday August 2nd

Just a quick reminder that Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil is premiering this Tuesday August second in the States on FEARnet!

Part of their new TWISTED COMEDY BLOCK, Todd will premiere at 10pm EST / 7pm PST and be followed by the BBC’s Psychoville.

If you don’t have FEARnet as part of your cable package – Call 877-FEAR-247 to request it.

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Hey Hot Toddies,

Todd & the Book of Pure Evil is apparently funny (which is totally unintentional). But The Comedy Network thinks it’s funny enough to show on their channel, so look out for Season 1 of Todd on @comedynetwork:

Starting Sunday June 5th, Comedy will be airing 2 episodes back-to-back every week starting @ 9pm. And if you’re busy on Sundays,  as of June 9th, Comedy will be playing an episode every Thursday @ 10pm as well. That’s a whole lot of evil for one channel.

Tell your friends & enemies to catch up on Season 1, so they’re prepared for an even crazier Season 2.


HOLY JUPITER SHIT! Todd is Coming to America!

As if today wasn’t good enough for Americans, here’s one more reason to shoud “USA! USA!”. Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is coming stateside on FEARnet HD (yes, that’s High Definition). There couldn’t be a more awesome, cooler American channel to premiere Todd.

Tuesdays at 10pm on FEARnet HD, premiering on August 2nd, 2011. Check them out here


The end is nigh! And near! And nigh-ear? December 8th at 9pm, watch the hour-long epic season finale with back-to-back episodes.

All good things must come to and end.  And all awesome Pure Evil things must come to a major fucking epic end (for the season). On SPACE, Wednesday, December 8th, witness the two-part back-to-back season finale of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, starting at 9pm with “Checkmate” followed at 9:30pm by “A Farewell to Curtis’ Arm”.

CHECKMATE: Todd is prophesized to be the Pure Evil one, by a chess champion, who uses the power of The Book to see the future.

A FAREWELL TO CURTIS’ ARM: Curtis uses The Book to get a new arm, while Todd learns some disturbing news about his past and future.

Don’t shed a tear once the season is over.  Bang your head instead.  In the meantime, keep up to date with the antics of Todd, Jenny, Curtis, Hannah, Atticus, Jimmy and the rest of your friends and enemies at Crowley High on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook and www.toddandthebookofpureevil.com.

And for those looking for the Todd & The Book of Pure Evil soundtrack…keep your eyes peeled, more details to come soon.

If you need to catch up on any episodes of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, you can always tune in on SPACEcast.com or ITunes.


A Metal Musical at Crowley High?

Fuck Glee!  Seriously, wouldn’t we all want to?  But second best to that would be to watch the astounding eleventh episode of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.  On Wednesday, December 1st, watch the musical extravaganza of “The Phantom of Crowley High” premiering on SPACE at 9pm.

While Atticus directs Todd and Jenny in the most fantastic musical Crowley High has ever seen, Curtis falls in love with the evil Phantom of Crowley High.

If you’re a fan of high quality broadway musicals, then you may want to watch Antiques Roadshow and eat your crumpets in peace.  But if you love to rock out to Phantom of the Paradise, KISS, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Rob Halford-esqueness then tune in to see “The Phantom of Crowley High” (book & lyrics by Atticus P. Murphy Jr.).

And if you need to catch up on any episodes of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, you can always tune in on SPACEcast.com or ITunes.


Todd + Drag Racing + Possessed Basketball Star = \m/

The past comes back to haunt Crowley High in the thrilling tenth episode of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.  On Wednesday November 24th, catch the action of “The Ghost of Chet Sukowski” premiering on SPACE at 9pm.

Todd is challenged to a deadly drag race by a basketball star possessed by a ghost from the 1950’s, who has put Jenny under his spell.

If you’re learning how to drive, you won’t want to use this episode of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil as an educational tool.  Well, maybe a “how not to” example.

And if you need to catch up on any episodes of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, you can always tune in on SPACEcast.com or ITunes.


Cockfight. Put a space in the middle, and you get the idea.

On Wednesday November 10th at 9pm, be prepared for “Cockfight”, the eighth episode of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil. It’s about bullies, penises and revenge. Your typical day at Crowley High.

Todd and Curtis’ prank on a small-endowed bully backfires when the bully uses The Book to turn his tiny penis into a terrifying cockmonster.

Don’t you hate when that happens?

If you need to catch up on any of the previous episodes of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, you can always tune in on SPACEcast.com or ITunes.


Oh, those evil twins and their sexy seductive ways…

On Wednesday November 3rd, the seventh amazing episode of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, “Terrible Twin Turf Tussle” (yes, alliteration is pure evil) premieres on SPACE at 9pm. A year after her father’s mysterious disappearance, Jenny takes comfort in the arms of Delilah. Well, that would be nice if the show ended there…but Delilah’s jealous twin sister Britney finds The Book. Not good. In fact, bad news all around.

Todd is torn between jealousy and arousal when Jenny takes up lesbianism and inadvertently causes a pair of twin sisters to go to war with their evil clones.

You can’t miss this one!

And if you need to catch up on any episodes of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, you can always tune in on SPACEcast.com or ITunes.