Operation: Indiegogo – Help bring Todd back for more gore!!

Here’s the story, Toddies. For the past year, we’ve been trying everything we can to get a third season going, but haven’t been able to in any traditional way.

You have been patient. You have been vocal. You have been super-cool. You have rallied! You have signed a 11,000 member strong petition!! You have made your own fan sites!!! Your own “Save Todd” documentaries!!! You have embraced the word “Shit Rooster”!!! You have spread the Pure Evil word far and wide!!!!

And YOU, our ever-growing legion of fans, are demanding an ending to the show. SO WE’RE GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU, in the best way that we can afford to.

We’re going to wrap-up the series with a killer INDIE ANIMATED FEATURE-LENGTH MOVIE called “TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL: THE END OF THE END.” It’ll feature the same snappy writing, the same awesome metal music, copious amounts of blood and gore and the same actors’ voices our fans have grown to love.

We’re asking our friends and fans to contribute $75,000 that will help us start making our independent animated feature wrap-up. Most of the cast and crew will be working for free or next to nothing, but we want to pay our animators a decent rate for the work they’ll be doing over the next year.

Our Indiegogo campaign features great perks for contributions: HD downloads, limited edition posters, signed character drawings and even a chance to have themselves drawn as a character in the movie. Something cool for every level of support.

Click here to contribute!

Thanks for your support and let’s get Pure Evil!
The Producers of Pure Evil

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