Add Blood, Metal and The Book Of Pure Evil To Your Netflix Queue

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Hey Americans, here’s something to pick up your spirits after Hurricane Sandy and the US Elections. Todd & the Book of Pure Evil is now streaming both Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix US. Hot Toddies, tell all your friends they can now enjoy all the pure evil fun you’ve been telling them about.

And while you’re watching all 26 goretastic episodes, write up some awesome reviews. Now is the time to spread the word about Todd, Jenny, Curtis, Hannah B., Atticus, Jimmy, The Metal Dudes, Mischievio, Cockmonster, The Homunculus, Scooter, Titty Wizard, Ms. Dempsey, Monster Fat, The Bram Stoker Explosion, Len Bergman, Wandafer Winterbottom and all the other big horny crazies that make up the world of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.

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Go Goats!!

36 Comments to “Add Blood, Metal and The Book Of Pure Evil To Your Netflix Queue”

  • I love this series! A Canadian friend mentioned it, and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. I’m really happy that it’s on Netflix now, because I’ve been enjoying all the smart, funny dialogue and well-defined characters. The cast is fantastic, from top to bottom. This is really a great followup to Buffy – I’m sure those comparisons have been made often enough to become annoying…

    I’m very disappointed that this series wasn’t renewed for a 3rd season, but I’ll tell all my friends about it, and I’m going to write a blog post recommending it to anyone with a good sense of humor and a love of laughter (and horror). I hope that some extra attention in the US will draw some much-deserved attention to this show.

    And, if nothing else comes of this in the future, I hope that all the people involved in this get the recognition they deserve; it would’ve been very easy for this series to be a miss instead of the home run that it is.

  • This is everything I’ve ever wanted in a show! You guys did an amazing job and I’m happy to spread the word for the hopes of a third season.

  • I was in a show slump recently after finishing all the shows I was watching on Netflix and then I remembered hearing about Todd & The Book of Pure Evil from one of Kevin Smith’s podcasts (probably Jay and Silent Bob Get Old). Man, this show is everything I was looking for! I’m so upset to find out it didn’t get picked up for a third season. The American audience seems to be just now finding out about it.

  • Just watched season 1+2. Ended on a cliff hanger that leaves me wanting more. Sucks that space canceled it. Hopefully someone has the nads to pick it up for a third and final set. On that note, you could say fuck it and just make a TV movie to tie up any loose ends.

  • What an awesome show. Just finished watching both seasons and I was floored. This show strikes an amazing balance between 80/90′s metal nostalgia and never makes the mistake in taking itself too seriously. The end result is a blend of b-horror campy humor and relatable characters. The casting of Todd is an achievement on so many levels. His appearance is like a young Danzig but he’s a relatable teen. Moments where he breaks into his metal persona is just fantastic. Mewes… He’s like a stoner Steve McQueen. Bottom line check this out on Netflix, if you finish the last episode and you don’t find yourself humming one of the songs from the show your just a ….wait for it…. (Evil smile) Loser.

  • I’m with the other folks. Your show is an amazing breath of disgusting, bloodily hilarious sulfuric air. I haven’t laughed this much over a show in forever (nor had a nerd crush this hard on a character).

    Now that you’re on Netflix, I really believe you’ll get the adulation you all deserve, so even if we all don’t get a full season, perhaps a fairly ample budgeted 2-hour film a la Firefly & “Serenity”.

  • Just started on Netflix… 5 minutes in and already a classic!

  • Hey, what’re your favorite shows? That’s right, Buffy and Strangers with Candy. Now what if you made those two shows have an awesome baby.

    I for one welcome our new Canadian TV overlords.

  • This show rocks! Anything with this much metal in it will always be awesome. I think season 2 had way to many fillers. There are some episodes I wish I could unwatch like “Fisting Fantasy”. Nevertheless I really love this show. I think it would be a crying shame to let it end this way. A movie to bring it all to a close should be made.

    Make it happen… Losers!

  • I love this show :D
    I found out about this show while I was listening Jay and Silent Bob get old … They talked about it and when I heard that Jay is in this show I knew it, IT MUST BE AWESOME :D I watched all episodes and I really want more :O !! I can’t believe it’s over :/ !!! I told my friends about this show and I hope they’ll like it :)

  • Ok this show is really amazing!!!!!!!!! No season three???? I read about it online tho. Ok if the producers even read these!!!!!!! Make a movie!!!! To end it all!!!! Because that would be a good Idea to end it. Sad to see a master piece to go unfinished!!!!! You know it’s true everyone! Producers read our posts! Think about the idea I just gave you guys.

  • I just finished the last episode of season 2 on Netflix, and can’t believe that’s all I get.. This is one of the most imaginative, funny, sexy and BRUTAL shows I’ve ever seen! I really hope it can be picked up for a third season (even if it is the final one), or possibly a movie. This is no way to leave the fans, shit roosters!!!

    P.S. Kickstarter has proven effective for other series… *hint, hint*

  • Absolutely fantastic, heard of the show through Netflix and watched both seasons in a single day. looking forward to the possibility of season 3!

  • I love this show so much I seen the seasons twice a should make more seasons like 4real the people will not waste it time the show is awesome………………..true

  • p.s Todd is fucking awesome all the way funny looking forwards to season 3

  • This show rocks!!!! Laughing my @$$ off the entire time. Netflix recommended it, I watched an episode and was hooked. I told a couple of buddies in the barracks about it and it’s a hit!

  • Love the show. Like Firefly and Picasso, TATBOPE was not appreciated during its time. But your status will grow in time! Stellar writing, stellar acting, stellar concept. Well done all around!

  • I just found this show on Netflix yesterday. It was recommended that it would be a 5 star for me, and boy were they right. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It’s a gigantic shame that it wasn’t picked up for a 3rd season. I’m still currently searching to find how it’s going to be resurrected. I’ve seen suggestions on a kickstarter, recommendations that Netflix pick it up as a web-show, etc.

  • In desperate need of a season 3!!!!

  • PLEASE pick up season 3. You HAVE to. If this show had low viewers it was only because you put it on a network that barely anyone has heard of; I certainly never heard of Space before till this show. If you absolutely can’t find any network, then you know Netflix advertises shows their own too, right? Best network I say though is to go to Comedy Central.

  • AAAAAAwesome show needs to be brought back for a third season

  • Just finished watching both seasons in about a week. So addictive, so well-written, so much fun. It’s hard to even pick out a favorite episode since almost all of them were so solid. Sad to see that there probably won’t be any more, but at least what we have is quality. Thanks for the great show!

  • So I came home from work and my little brother told me I need to watch Todd and the book of pure evil so I did an this is the best show I have ever seen really wish there was a third season and keep going we are from the U.S. and I will be sure to tell all my friends just as my brother has and if there is not a third season thanks for the first two they where great.

  • Bring back todd!!!! Awesome show i powered through both seasons in one day i want more!!!!!

  • You guys did a wayyyyyyy better job on the show than you did on the short film if the same name

    Are you ever going to make a ask not the innkeeper album?

  • After 2 musical episodes you have to the cast has the talent it would be amazing

  • Great show, started it on netflix a few nights ago and finished already. I sincerely hope it gets picked up for a third season, or maybe a movie or two?

  • why isnt this in canadian netflix im pissed

  • I LOVE THIS SHOW! If more people knew about it, it wouldn’t have been cancelled. I truly believe that. This show would have much support by cult movie/show followers like myself.

    They pulled of a ROCK MUSICAL TWICE!! I didn’t stop watching it either because I fuckin hate musicals! Very well done. Hilarious. Bloody. Love it. I’m very sad there isn’t another season coming. I will definitely will be telling people about it.


  • I found the show by accident on Netflix. I was totally stoked after watching the first episode. It reminds me of the old horror shows I watched as a teen back in the 80′s like The Evil Dead.
    Even at my age I found myself totally relating to the characters.
    Here is a show that is horror, comedy, metal, profanity and sex all rolled up into one and they didn’t pick it back up for a third season? TV executives are some of the dumbest individuals in the entire universe.

  • You guys should see if netflix would pick up the third season as an original series they are putting their own shows now

  • This is the greatest show I’ve ever seen. It’s an amazing, beautifully sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek, comedic piece of art. I absolutely love it, it’s really amazing. From the sound effects, to the writing, to the acting; every piece of this show was done extremely well. I’ve watched both seasons, all the way through, three times and will probably start a fourth run very soon. I thank everyone involved in creating this and wish you would make more. Now I’m going to go play the game. Thanks again.

  • I found this on netflix when I was looking for something good to watch, I’ve now seen both seasons twice. I want more.

  • This is f$&@ing Awesome! Need more!

  • Just finished both seasons in two days I really hope there is a third season

  • I’ve been marathoning it on Netflix, over and over. I love a twisted sense of humor. There are so many little moments in the details that crack me up. It’s a great, funny, show with good writing and a good cast, and I’m definitely hoping for a 3rd season. Gimme it.

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