How You Can #SupportTodd

Hey Toddies, as the smart, savvy and awesome fans that you are, we wanted to let you in on a little inside scoop about the future of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil.

The good news is that we’re working on putting together Season 3 because we all love the show so much, and NEED to know what happens next. The not-so-good news is that our lead broadcaster SPACE has decided not to renew the show, because their TV ratings weren’t what they had hoped for (all you torrenters bow your heads in shame).

But that’s not the end of Todd! Let’s put our collective energies together and will a third season. With YOUR help we can save Todd! (and possibly the world).

A few amazing fans have already started their own campaigns. Check out our fan-created page on Change.org and sign the petition to get a season 3. Or click here to be part of a video campaign to bring Todd Back.

We’re always welcome to more ideas, so leave us a comment with your suggestion.





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  • How about FearNet? They’re expanding into original/unique programming and TatBoPE is 32 flavors of amazing.

    • Agreed!! I think Fearnet would be happy to carry on Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.

    • Funny thing is I found this show on FearNet on cable. Love it by the way!

    • We don’t even have Fearnet in our location, so that sucks, but I don’t think it’s a matter of where the show would fit, it’s a matter if Comedy Central, SyFy, or even Fearnet want to pay for the production of the show. There’s always Kickstarter, I’ve seen projects raise millions of dollars, or something along those lines, maybe spread the word about the show on horror sites like bloody-disgusting.com. There’s alot of avenues that can be taken, and it would be a shame if it the show died with a whimper. I’m from the US and hadn’t even heard of the show till someone mentioned it to me two days ago. Then I literally sat and watched the entire first season in one sitting, best show I’ve seen in a long time.

    • What about the Comedy network? They’ve also started airing Todd, maybe they’d be interested in picking up Season 3?

  • What about running a Kickstarter.com campaign to fund the next season, and putting it up on YouTube if no channel will broadcast it?

    • I think Kickstarter could REALLY help out Todd.

      • Kickstarter is a fine idea, but unrealistic…you got to take into account, 75,000-100,000 per show (that’s probably a low number). So even a short 6 episode season would be in the upper brackets of kickstarters that have worked. Also its a show that unfortunately is carried on fairly small networks, so the pool of donors is even smaller.

        The most realistic chance is for another network to pick it up, Hulu, fearnet, etc. Theyve said the people at SPACE wished the show could go on, well giving those stations a reasonable price for the rights.

        • I would love to know what the official financial requirement to produce a season is and how close they are to reaching it through sales of DVD’s, iTunes downloads, merchandise, etc. I’ve personal bought both albums, and both seasons on iTunes. That’s about $60.00 from 1 existing fan. My hope with the Kickstarter idea is that it would attract attention and maybe more fans as well as giving us a goal to reach for. Would it hurt to try it? (Although I can imagine there may be some legal complications with the TV networks?)

        • Actually kickstarter campaigns have been hitting the millions lately. For example Project Eternity scored almost $4 million for a computer game (closer to $4.2m if you count outside paypal donations.) At $100k per episode, a $1.2m kickstarter wouldn’t be out of the question.

        • I really think you were too quick to dismiss kickstarter. I just recently found out about this show. It is starting to get a cult following in the US. The petitions rarely work for shows and I have never seen one work for a network this small. Do a wrap-up movie. It may be a long shot on kickstarter. I think it is your only shot. You can show a few clips and garner further attention that way. Wrap up movie a few million is easily done for the right project if you sell it well there you will have at least that.

      • I’ve got to add, I think KS could be the way forward. With a blistering campaign, some awesome rewards, you could be very surprised. I know I’d be willing to give 500 dollars to see one of my fave shows back on the air.

        Although, I’d be very surprised if you can’t find another network to pick it up :)

      • I know this thread is old but, I have recently found this show on Netflix. I live in the U.S. All my friends are watching it now. The show is amazing. I think if the word got out about a kickstarter, I would not be surprised if it made a ton of money. I know quite a few people who would probably give 50++ dollars to get another season. How about getting some one like Netflix to pick it up? I would love to see the numbers of people streaming this from them.

  • This show has to come back for more seasons, it is currently my favorite show. This show has a great cast, its funny as hell and has metal in it, thats everything I could ask for in a show.

  • Just started watching it in the UK and i have to say this BLOWS. It’s the best thing i’ve watched on TV over here in years.

    Not sure how successful it’d be but you could always try and start a kickstarter fund to at least get the series made and bring it to dvd or try and convince one of the forign networks like syfy UK to fund series 3.

    Failing that how about trying to sell the option to get forign versions of it made. It’d be ass backwards but a UK version of an american show like this’d probably go down really well.

    It’d suck if it ended after only 2 series.

    • Todd is a Canadian show, not American. It might make more sense to try and get an American channel to pick it up.

  • Ask for donations/funding through Kickstarter.com

    This has worked for so many companies and if you research how to successfully kickstart a project then this will at least help you guys out a lot.

    Proof of a successful kickstarter campaign:

  • I’m in the US and I came across this show by friends, loved it so much I ordered the DVDs. It deserves to come back for another season if not more. I’m tired of the same old shows that give us nothing but lame entertainment and cheap laughs. This show actually kicks ass in all forms. Bring back TODD!!!!

  • Ruined my day! I had faith Space would renew – should have known better. Would be great to if the CBC would take an interest, but its probably not “Canadian” enough.

    My g/f and I stumbled across Todd a little too late (just after the final episode aired). We watched the reruns of Season 2 after devouring Season 1 – the show is so unique and funny I was sure it would last. Best thing I’ve seen on TV in ages – very sad to see the future is in jeopardy. We’ll be doing everything we can to get a Season 3!!!!!!!

  • Hope they bring it back maybe SyFy will bring it back as they do their own shows like Sanctuary.

  • Let’s send bags and bags of corn chips to the Space network until they agree to bring the show back. An international effort has the potential to work wonders. Best show in a long time.

    • By the way, the address is:
      Bell Media
      299 Queen Street West
      Toronto, Ontario, MSV 2Z5

  • [...] Attention Todd fans – Space TV has decided NOT to renew Todd and the Book of Pure Evil for a third season.  But there is still hope little dudes!  Aside from taking the time to mail bags of corn chips to CTV headquarters, there are a few other ways you can help save this fantastically irreverent experiment in puerile fun.  Check out the official site for details:  http://www.toddandthebookofpureevil.com/2012/04/how-you-can-supporttodd/ [...]

  • Hey, I’d send $ to kickstart the show.

    Has there been any news at all at someone else picking up a season 3 or is this dead in the water?


  • Post an episode or two on youtube. once ppl get a free taste they’ll be crying for more. works for crack and heroin, and this is way more…or just as addicting!

  • MUST NOT CANCEL TODD!!!! Have they lost their minds? Why is it every damn time Canada comes up with something unique and wonderful, something off the wall yet completely true, that it gets CANCELLED???????

  • I’m really hoping this show doesn’t see the axe, as it is really cutting edge, and a step forward in Canadian television programming. It stands as an oasis amidst a sea of cookie-cutter programs such as the OC, One Tree Hill, Jersey Sh-whore, and so on.

    I remember the first time I watched Todd, and I felt like a child on Christmas. It was new, it was interesting, it was hilarious, it became my new addiction. One episode turned into me staying up for hours at night watching Season 1 episodes over and over on the spacecast site.

    It is a show unlike the rest, combining the elements of metal, B-list horror, and dark humor that pertains to an individual like myself, and many others out there.

    Why is it that when a show like this comes along people are so prone to not give it the support that it deserves? Why is it that people find more importance in tuning in to the daily antics of Snookie and her cohorts?

    End. Rant.

  • Flood Space email, InnerSpace email, and the hosts of InnerSpace’s Twitter accounts, even snail mail, with comments to bring the show back.

    For programming questions or comments, email space@spacecast.com

    @ajfry on Twitter
    @cynthialoyst on Twitter
    @TeddySPACE) on Twitter

    By “snail” mail:
    Bell Media
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2Z5

  • Just finished Season 2. Wow. I will be saddened if this isn’t picked up for season 3.

    • yea…v__v ehh

  • I’d send money, too. Already bought the DVDs and soundtracks and signed the petition, so what’s next?

  • you guys have a point Derp

  • Maybe start a kickstarter and don’t make a 3rd season make a film and end it at that, so just incase you don’t get a 4th season we can get a definite end to the series. This is by far one of the best shows I have seen in god knows how long.

  • Is there any news? Have we won or are they still being penis holes?

  • just started watching this show and its the shit. Found it on Fearnet hear in Ky. and now to find out it might get cancelled just blows man. Maybe we can beg fear.net to get it going.

  • Wait I got an Idea. Now that Youtube is starting original programming how about starting your own network. Or joining with The Nerdist or even Kevin Smith with his S.I.T channel. Networks are dying so just come into the new world with the rest of us and forget the networks.

    • @ThatKevinSmith might be interested, given that Jay Mewes is part of the cast of Todd… Something to consider there…

      • Kevin Smith said in an interview that todd is his kind of thing and something he’d love to be apart of, it’s worth looking into.
        also if he did back it, it’d probably get alot of attention from the jay and silent bob fans and that’s and endless army right there

  • Ive bought the dvds,signed the petition, and introduced the show to a lot of my friends who are instantly hooked. What about syfy united states? G4tv? Comedy Central “as long as they dont censor anything”? syfy has canadian tv shows already”lost girl”. Theyd be nuts not to present this show to U.S. viewers besides fear net.Itll be an instant hit. Btw just a side note. For the new Evil Dead reboot I vote Alex house as the new ASH!!!

  • Come on guys, don’t let this show die before its time, this is my all time favorite series. Too many others have died like this, one of my other favorites that was cancelled like this one was Reaper. That one was cancelled because the one in charge of CW at the time didn’t like it, they cut them off before they could even finish the second season and left us with more questions than any other part of the entire series and left us to suffer because no one would touch it.

  • Love this show! n_n Also, I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but does anyone else think Melanie Leishman bears a striking resemblance to Michelle Trachtenberg?

    • Lol. I think its just you. No resemblance whatsoever really! Maybe in her dreams….

  • Well I’m a Newfie and we support anything other newfies do I first heard about the show before it aired on NTV so maybe try shows in newfoundland and Alberta where most of us are lol I’m pretty sure u can get the support the show is awesome and as are the writers since u even gave me a RT on twitter which was awsome by the way so I really hope by oct there’s a new season of Todd for me to watch crossing my fingers and toes :)

    • I agree with you! i am also a Newfie and would love to do anything to get this show back on!

  • Todd and the book of pure evil cannot be canceled! This is my absolute favorite show!!! What can we do to avoid this from happening?! We need to pull some Jericho shit!!!(never watched that show but it was canceled and the fans complained so much that they put it back on television)

  • Out of all the shows that come out of canada , Todd and the book of pur evil has to be the only one that i am proud of!! They need to bring this show back! I signed the petition and i made a video on youtube , I missed the deadline for the other documentary .. Come on people this show Needs to be on, all of the fans are in need of a good taste of todd!

  • kickstarter account?

  • I absolutely love this show, it’s excellent cheese! I’m down here in the states (NY), so not sure how much my ‘vote’ counts… hopefully someone will pick it up.. hopefully FearNET & then I won’t have to wait so long to see the episodes!

  • Syfy channel loves shows like this. I worry about them editing the fucking shit out of it but maybe its worth a shot. Fearnet is a good idea too.

  • Oh and how could i forget, I LOVE THIS SHOW SEASON 3 COME ON PEOPLE!

  • or maybe comedy central??

  • Id say kickstarter would be the best bet if no channels will pick it up , I could only imagine the amount of money you could get to kickstart season 3 and post the episodes on your website etc

    Please dont leave this brilliant show on a cliffhanger

    I nearly cryed at the end of season 2 and did when i saw it was canceled

    Thats not very metal


  • I’m hoping someone will pick up Todd and the Book of Pure evil cause it’s one of the only shows i really enjoy watching on TV even though i like in the U.S so i use FearNET but maybe FearNET can pick it up.

  • Bring on Season 3 , Comedy Central is playing the show alot as of recent i think they realize its popular

    Take advantage! they will sign for a third season im sure they love canadian programming and they show reruns constantly!

  • i’m really new to todd i love the series . i bought both seasons i really want to see what happens next.T~T

  • I agree that SyFy and Fearnet are good options, but come on. The digiverse offers a virtual diarrhea of channels, only 1/10 of which are ever original. Todd might possibly find a home at Comedy Central (which gave the world South Park, so we know extreme material is all right). There’s Spike TV which claims to cater to men, but everybody watches it–and how many times can you watch 1000 Ways to Die? FX or IFC? When I think of all the crap that makes the cut it makes me want to tear out my own femur.

  • As much as I would like a third season… considering a small screen movie or something similar would be great too.

    It’s like Farscape dilemma all over again.

  • What about the Comedy channel, they also don’t want to take the show over? I have faith it will get to finish up, I don’t want this to wind up like Deadwood, everyone wanting to see it properly wrapped up but everytime it came close to happening it failed, I really hope this don’t happen with Todd.

  • We, fans, thank you for this! May the best happen!

  • We want seasons 3, 4, 5, etc… It’s a shame that space would cancel what is their only good show.

  • Comedy Central can be a good idea! Bring us Todd back!

  • Hi all, Huge Todd fan and die hard metal head, being American I haven’t caught wind of Todd till’ recently and gotta say this show is F@ckin AWESOME!, Great cast which includes Jason Mewes.If I had the Book of Pure Evil, I would wish for a season 3,4,5,6,7……..
    I think the only chance for Todd in the U.S. is Comedy Central. Many of the channels mentioned above are only known for airing reruns of shows and not producing them.It sucks that anything with an “evil” or “metal” theme has been stomped out of mainstream media in the U.S. and replaced by pop,rap music and vampire,wherewolf shows that are romanticized for tweens and gay demographic.If I was in charge of programming @Comedy Central I would love for a show like Todd to come along, it’s different than mainstream and with a minimal marketing it would be a HUGE hit with 16-40+ demographic(older demo being metalheads,ex metalheads).
    COMEDY CENTRAL, Do you like money? then pick up Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil! Pleezzzzzzzzzzz :)

  • If they won’t do another season at least give us a movie. Hell I would settle for a made for tv movie. Todd and the book of pure evil is the greatest thing thats happened to Canadian tv ever ever. Long live the book of pure evil!

  • SyFy might buy it and show it because US has a bigger fan base for this show then canada does. Plus it would bring in so much money. I think they can help this show more then any other Company can. I just want this show to continue but they could also just make it a web cast show from this web site ^_^

  • I just dropped Space from my Cable Package. I’ve also emailed Space to let them know I will never watch their Network again. The promotion of the show has complete failure by Space. I live in Vancouver and can’t find the either season on DVD in any retail store. Hopefully Comedy Central will pick up the show and run with it. Please tell me they are shopping this show around.

    Long Live Todd!

  • [...] So I would like to guide you, to counsel you, to guidance counsel you, to do something about the continued survival of this foul-mouthed Canadian television treasure. Sign the petition and write SPACE. [...]

  • If you made a kickstarter I’d certainly contributed, having torrented from the far land of Australia there wasn’t much I could do to keep you on the air, but if you can kickstart half the funds necessary perhaps it’ll be much easier for a station to pick it up after that?

  • [...] the show has been cancelled and there is an uproar in the Great White North over it and various campaigns to save the show. Currently, you can watch Todd on FearNet in the US and Season 1 is available on [...]

  • Great show indeed! Not surprised that Space cancelled it. They are not that different than their counterpart in the US (i.e. Sy-Fy), in that they don’t really know a good thing when they see it.

  • Going along with the kickstarter suggestion, I found a startup specifically for television shows. mobcaster.com is in it’s beta phase, but it allows for a pilot to be funded by it’s prospective audience and if it is succesful it can have a minimum of a 6 episode season funded. One show about a weather man got more than it’s 73,000 dollar requirements for the pilot episode. I think with the thousands of fans pledging we can get at least a 6 episode wrap up to the show since it doesn’t have a massive budget. The best part is that the pledges are only cashed out if the full amount for the episode is reached otherwise the money never gets withdrawn. I think this is a fantastic idea if the show doesn’t get bought at another network.

    • Since this show was already produced there might be rights issues that prevent it from being produced by that mobster website. But I hope I’m wrong, I love this show!

  • I’m situated in the UK and only just “found” Todd about 2 weeks ago. I’d never seen any press for this at all and only saw it by chance. SPACE really screwed the pooch on the promotion of the show.The DVD’s need a UK release so I can buy several copies and share Todds love. As far as network funding goes Channel 4 here in the UK might make a good international partner. They’re pretty open minded and their own programming style is would gel well with this.

  • To be fair: I started watching this show on Comedy, not Space (a channel which I do not have), and I did not start downloading it until after I was fed up with waiting a week for the next episode of a season which had already finished. I am downloading season 2 right now for the same reason… Downloading/Streaming is the future of television, if networks can not keep up with viewers demand it only makes sense that they will be left in the past.

  • This show is very original and totally LOL funny!!! There HAS to be a way to keep it going, at least until it can have a proper end to the series…There is so much more to be told about Todd and the Book of Pure Evil! I like the idea of spreading the episodes through Youtube as it will likely cause legions of ppl to “discover” what a great show they have been missing because they didn’t even know it existed (Not because the show is not good enough)
    BRING BACK TODD FOR A SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • we have recently got the show on scfi in the uk and ii would love to get it on dvd you could try relesing it on dvd in europe ??? \m/ >_< \m/

  • Another avenue might be FX in the US. They have gotten into original programming recently (Archer, Wilfred, Anger Management) so that might be an avenue to try. They bought 90 (yes NINETY) episodes of Anger Management….they may be able to give this show a few more seasons!

  • Here i was anxiously waiting for Season 3 And i didn’t even think to check here. Try the comedy network, they seem to be pretty big Todd fans, sure theyd bite off a piece of that.

  • Why not go the Futurama route, and make some dvd movies? That did wonders during the transfer from Fox to Comedy Central.

  • Cmon bring him back!

  • Bring it back!

  • Come on SPACE, bring Todd back!!!
    You cant stöp at a cliffhänger!

  • Comedy will not pick it up unless Space also does. They are both owned by CTV. Make sure to annoy them with requests to bring it back a long with all the other avenues being taken.

  • Perhaps Showtime or Chiller would pick it up– it would be a shame if a show with a very big upside of a few million viewers just disappeared.

  • watching the last ep of s2 right now on comedy! remembering how painful the cliffhanger was!!!!! u guys need to continue this! They show Todd a lot! Maybe we should petition for them to start carrying it- I think the problem is that most of ur fans are students, who don’t have cable during the year. Make it a summer show and there will be more live watching and less downloading!

  • Shame to hear the heartache this show is having, just discovered the first season, LOVED IT and went searching and to my chagrine the discovery of season 2 (YEA!), but that may be it. :(

    Fingers crossed for more, I’ll sign every petition and I wish that I could have dropped some coin at that yard sale of prop’s…

    Best of luck!

  • FX may be the only US channel where it could have the chance of being like its original self. Any other US channel would edit to some sanitized form that would ruin the show. Maybe Fearnet could be a possibility but I don’t think they have the budget. Let’s be honest, kickstarter is not a real option. Maybe whomever is currently in possession of the book could use its magic to make it happen, i’m sure it would turn out well for them.

  • How about Adult Swim?
    There must be a season 3!

  • Why not do what you stated above, torrents? Charge the general public per episode or even a seasons pass. What about converting to a web series on Crackle or AdultSwim? In our time and age, TV shows aren’t restricted to major tv networks in order to receive money and viewers. Youtube proves this by silly videos who get a million more hits than an average show. Don’t let the big leaguers tell you no, especially when you have something as good as this!

  • Bring it back!!!!It was awesome!

  • Well from one Canadian fan in Ontario who’s also part Newfie, I would very much like this show continued hopefully through a few more seasons and/or maybe Blu-ray/DVD movies somewhere somehow. I am quite disappointed that Space has seen fit to drop this. What is going to replace this Space? I can’t think of many other shows even comparable. One thing I’ve read and seems to be agreed upon by many fans is that’s it’s “Buffy with potty mouth”. I suppose I kinda get that vibe from the show, and seeing as how BtVS is my all-time personal favorite show, I find that to be a compliment. I really liked all the elements that compose the DNA of these two shows. It’s sad to see such a kick-ass Canadian TV show, yet again get canceled, especially a Space Original series! I’m glad that Space has the rights to True Blood, Paranormal Witness and… can’t think of many other shows they run that I have and may again tune in for, but come on. *sigh* Well I don’t know if Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is on Blu-ray as I think I’ve only seen it DVD releases on amazon.ca, but that’s my preferred disc medium. I’m also usually more inclined to buy shows with 4 or more seasons.

    Long live Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, may more come of this howling funny, bloody and profane Canadian gem. Thank you to the ENTIRE Todd team and best wishes!

  • I agree that this show needs to continue. It is far too good to be cut short. I think the show being made available for Netflix streaming is going to result in a lot of interest from people who otherwise would never have seen it, or even heard of it. That’s something that can be capitalized on, I would hope.

    Kickstarter should probably be up for consideration. If Season 3 feels like too much for a kickstarter project, then a film? To bring some closure while also having some option to continue the series if the movie can drum up further support.

    Also, as others have said, it could be a brilliant move to hook up with Kevin Smith. It could help to provide both the funding and the audience that this show needs and deserves. Todd must live on.

  • This suck’s I fucking love this show so much and would do any thing to see it come back LONG LIVE TODD!!!!!

  • Adult Swim. Netflix. Hulu. There are a lot of places that would probably pick this up. If you get this back to back with Metalocalypse on Adult Swim, you’d grab a lot of viewers.

  • BRING TODD BACK. They can’t just end it like that! We need todd. Seriously!!!

  • I started watching on Netflix and was instantly hooked. I was watching episode after episode until I watched both seasons in just a couple days. Went online and found out that there was no season 3. THAT IS A DAMN SHAME. It’s gaining in popularity in the U.S. through Netflix and would no doubt be a hit if picked up by an American station. I personally think this would be a great addition to Adult Swim. We have to do something! This show is a rare breed and we cannot let it become extinct. SAVE THE TODD!!!!!

  • hi there!

    I and my friends NEED a season 3! Just wanted to let you know!

    greetings from germany!

  • Maybe you can expand outside of Canada and show the show in the US

  • [...] the show has been cancelled and there is an uproar in the Great White North over it and various campaigns to save the [...]

  • DO IT! I found Todd on Netflix and now I’m hooked. You’ll make money with or without your original broadcast partner!!!!!

    You can even pull a Louis CK and sell directly through this site, I bet.

    Just don’t get so desperate that the book comes looking for you!

  • Just found this gem of a show on netflix a few days ago. I know without it I wouldn’t o f know about it just finished season 2 and praying this gets renewed. The cast, the story, twist, turns, jokes, it’s all great and we need a new season and many more!

  • Please bring back this series. The series of cameras I set up are going to waste.

  • Get this show on a Network in America like Spike TV. It is freaking awesome and I really would love to be able to watch it as the shows come out and not just when they hit Netflix!

  • Let’s get this straight. Space dropped the ball on this show royally. They didn’t give it nearly enough promotion or publicity, there’s no merchandise (and I know, I tried to get merchandising rights in the UK for my company – not a single response).

    And of course, in the UK, SyFy screwed the show again. They showed the first few episodes of S2 at 9:00pm and then put the rest on at midnight, which is the death slot for a show trying to find its feet.

    We need a more reliable network for this show…

  • I am a VFX artist based out of Los Angeles and i love this show enough that i’d be willing to work on it for free just to see it air again. If theres not enough fans to fund an entire season through kickstarter, i’m sure theres enough fans that are industry peeps. Or just get student labor, theres some dope ass artists out there that are broke and willing to work for cheap. a third of us are unemployed.

  • Please bring it back, just found it on netflix and now that im through season 2 i dont know how too survive!!!! =(

  • I can’t wait !! I need more Todd! But my cable provider doesn’t offer some of the channels you are talking about but I do have syfy please get it on this network so I can watch this awesome show!


  • Please bring Todd back. This show is the coolest thing to ever happen to TV period & things cannot be left off in a cliffhanger.


    Tweet them about bringing Todd back!

  • Please bring Todd back. This show is the coolest thing to ever happen to TV period & things cannot be left off in a cliffhanger.

    Tweet them about bringing Todd back!

    #bringbacktodd #supporttodd

  • We really need a 3rd season, cause i want to know how Hanna is part of the book and if jenny and todd get with one other. I really think they will if yell keep it going so plzzzzz find a way to make a 3rd season. Its so sad that I can’t watch new todd episodes. THIS SHOW IS THE BEST SHOW EVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that jay from jay and silent bob is in it, he is so funny love that guy.

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