Were you asking about Season 3?

Now that the finale of season 2 has been unleashed to the world, we’re getting lots of questions about when season three will show its head.

The answer to your question is, that its up to you. If you want to help out, contact SPACE and let them know how much you are dying to find out whats next for the students of Crowley High.

Email: space@spacecast.com
Twitter: @SPACEchannel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SPACEchannel

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  • I’ve emailed several times and let them know on facebook too. In fact, the facebook has been spammed pretty hard. Here’s hoping we get some news soon! Even if it’s an update to less us know if there has been talks, and what the expected outcome is if anyone has a clue in what’s happening!

    • I Want To see The season 333333333 PLISSSSSSSSSS I LOVE IT

  • I fucking hope this show comes back soon love it!

  • SEASON THREE?!?!? YOU BET YOUR ASSS THERE SHOULD BE A SEASON THREE!! also, you should put the songs from the 2girls 1 tongue episode on itunes :D juuust saayin!! they were pretty KICK ASSS!

  • I need to see a new season of todd and the book of pure evil!

  • this show is the best show i have ever seen we the people need a season 3 and fast

  • Amazing! I just finished watching all the episodes I had recorded on the pvr, and second season rocked! Keep it up!

  • Fuck Yeah!

  • Hi guys, i really want to watch the season 3, i cant believe ive found this serie, i’m from Brazil, and im loving it! Hope i’ll get to watch the next season! Gj Evereyone! Cya!

    • tambémsou do brasil e achei essa série muito foda tomara q saia logo a terceira temporada \o/

  • Fuck yeah, I need season three! This show is like some kind of crack; everybody I’ve introduced it to has been instantly hooked, and the more you watch it, the harder the addiction is to fight. Nothing else can even compare.

    I swear, if a rich uncle left me an inheritance tomorrow, I’d become a philanthropist that same day and focus purely on funding the production of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, because I literally FEAR the day that I can’t look forward to any new episodes.

    • I really can’t wait for it to come out I am right this comment at 1:20am on my ps3 right after watch in Black Tie Showdown just to a nanometre closer the show my favorite character is adicus and he better come back or so help so god, uh I mean satin I will search every inch of our earth universe and many other find the book and free himself.

    • Baculum, its me, Gwyllyn, your rich uncle …because this is what I am.

      I’m dying and I want to leave you my entire estate to do with as you please…

      I trust that you will do some good philanthropist work such as fund T&TBOPE for Seasons 3 to 10.

      Don’t let this be another ‘Firefly’ mistake, Loser.

      P.S. I will live forever in your mammaries.

      P.P.S. Thanks to the writers, actors, special effects and the rest of the entire unrecognized crew for creating a kickass show. Peace from Vancouver.

  • The show must go on! Season three must be.

  • Please let us find out about the next season!!!! Amazing show and i cant wait to find out what happens next!!!

  • An American fan here: Sent an email out to Space asking for a third season pickup of the show. Hope all of your fans do the same. Much love from the states.

  • i just finished watching season 2. it was epic.. cant wait for season 3. I hope its even better than the first 2.

  • this is the best show out there please bring it back for more gruesome seasons only show i watch ( and watch it religiously i do )

  • I ran across, “Todd & the Book of Pure Evil” two days ago, and I just got done watching the finale of season 2. 48hrs to bliss, I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. I would love to see a season 3 & 4, and even more so I’d love to help write them.

    Piece, chips, and icy nips

  • Here’s to a third season!

    Because being horny makes me horny…for…Todd??

  • Season 3 there has to be its well good

  • A season 3 of Todd and the book of pure evil is all i need.

  • I’m from Russia … and I’m a fan of this show! Analogues do not have it! I keep waiting for the new series of translations Todd … At least that-be for an hour to plunge into the world. According to the news you have a problem continuing? Delight … whatever you want, but that was season 3! This is a cult series of informal youth! ))
    Sorry for the curve translation – translated by I’m from Russia … and I’m a fan of this show! Analogues do not have it! I keep waiting for the new series of translations Todd … that-be at-least for an hour to plunge into the world that I understand. According to the news you have a problem continuing? do whatever you want … but that was season 3! This series of informal youth cult (… all over the world!)!
    Sorry for the curve translation – translated via google

  • I usually really dislike B series but this one is very fun. keep doing it. thx

  • I’m really hoping this show lasts for as many seasons as possible, cause it’s one of the most clever and unique things to ever grace my eyes.

    I’d also love to see the episodes extended from 30 minutes to a full hour, or to perhaps have more episodes per season; for such an amazing program, it all goes by so quickly. Pretty quickly I’m left with nothing to do but rewatch the old episodes over and over again, though that’s still better than watching anything else on TV, so I’m cool with that. =D

  • It’s almost one week that I’ve been introduced to this show. It’s really amazing. I wish by this time all the seasons were available! I can’t believe I have to wait for the rest of it…

  • It’s a great show, it deserves to be renewed! I have already sent my thoughts on that to Space. Hopefully others are doing the same.

  • The season finale blew my tiny mind (I still haven’t recovered). There’d better be a
    Season 3- they have lots of ‘splainin’ to do. I can’t wait to see what an evil Hannah
    will do!

  • Season 2 left more questions than it answered, I totally need to see more seasons. Not only is this best Canadian show I have ever seen, its one of the best TV shows I have ever seen.

  • Okay, I was hoping that my obsession with this show would have subsided a notch or two after the end of Season 2, but it’s twice as strong now as it was when “Black Tie Showdown” first aired! I’ve already sent SPACE a heartfelt email of appreciation for the show and its future, so until we hear more, I’m still eagerly waiting for the impending Season 2 DVD release, and scouring the web for anything relating to the show that I might have missed.

    On that note, for anyone else in the same boat as me, there are a ton of great images on the Todd Facebook page which aren’t available here on the main site, and thus are easy to miss if you’re not normally into Facebook very much.

    Aside from some badass production shots and behind the scenes stuff, I think my favorites from there are the super high-res versions of the “ATTICUS KNOWS BEST” and “SUBSERVIENCE IS AWESOME” posters from The Toddysee, along with a similarly huge Crowley High logo, all of which are great for personal printing or what have you. If you’re still looking for more, check out the cast and crew’s Twitter pages, too, there is some sweet stuff there as well.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Season 3!

  • Man, this series is one of a kind. I first watched to it, and thought it would be some kind of “trash heavy metal satanistic bullshit”, first season “wasn’t that elaborated” but provided me a lot of fun, so, it came for season 2… and it got serious… nice story line, much more elaborated, gory, funny… all i could wait. Finally… it needs a season 3. No way SPACE cancel this one.. they do it and they loose a lot of watchers. Please, keep the good work.

  • ‘Todd’ is absolutely brilliant! It’s a great satire of all those supernatural, Buffy-like teenage dramas. So funny. The cast rocked… they did freakin’ musical theater! (taking a little poke at Glee I think). Speaking of rocked, the heavy-metal soundtrack was amazing. A third season would be awesome… bring it on!

  • We need a third season of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil. It’s a matter of life & death Todd fans of the world unite spread the word.

  • this show is the show of the year for me. if there’s no season three i will be mad bro. season 2 definatly kicked it off and i hope they answer all the questions.. wheres curtis, are the dudes demons, whats gonna happen to atticus, is hannah evil, AND JENNY AND TODD MUST GET IT ON.

  • Keep doing Guys!

  • need a new season cant live without knowing what happens next

  • If Season 3 isnt created i will die from withdrawls… no lie.

  • this is the best canadian television show to be released since trailer park boys, you cannot end it here, especially the way the finale ended, im praying for another season to be released, it doesnt have to be really soon but the fact of knowing there will be another season would make me happy!!!!!! Todd fuckin rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just finished watching season 2. So much left hanging… Need to hurry up with season 3.

  • I am from Belorus and I love this show! This is the best I`ve seen ever! I hope next season won`t disapoint fans.

  • I love Todd&the book of pure evil and I realy wanna the 3d season!!!


    I don’t know what the ratings were like but I sure as hell tried to watch it when they aired new episodes, or at the very least caught a repeat. Plus all of the online views and DVR the ratings got to be there. But like anything in television it’s all about the money. So three easy steps to get this incredible Canadian show back on the air.

    1. MERCH THE FUCK UP, I want to be able to buy a fucking snuggie with the book of pure evil on it, there should be so much merch. WE WILL BUY IT.
    2. Great idea already suggested, get the songs up on itunes pronto. Especially the ones from season 2.
    3. Season 2 on DVD asap. As has been proven with other shows DVD sales get shows renewed!

    That is all.

    P.S. your show is awesome.

  • The best show ever created. I agree with Spoon that the episodes should be longer and/or have more to a season.

  • You just never know when the your tv watching end up being decided by comity, and focus groups etc. Hope it does make it to season 3. the Musical numbers are cool and original. Far to many shows just don’t end up cancel with no reason and no real endings . Reaper and angel come to mind. Both good shows with good number of viewers. Just no want they wanted. Then again if that ever happens with this I m guessing it ends up as a graphic comic novel.

  • Okay, there *totally* has to be a season 3. Not doing a season 3 would be like turning down that cute girl you’ve had a serious crush on since the fourth grade when she offers to make out with you in your parents’ downstairs broom closet because your friends are about to sign onto World of Warcraft. It’d be like telling KISS they can’t chill at your pad for a couple of hours while waiting for AAA to fix their broken tour bus – which coincidentally happened to break down directly in front of your house – because you’ve got work in the morning. It’d be like waking up one morning and finding a money tree growing in your backyard – and cutting it down because that’s where you’d planned on installing the new barbecue pit.

    Please don’t tell me season 3 isn’t as important as the new barbecue pit…

  • need a next season the show is the greatest ever only thing i wanna watch from now on fuck all that other bullshit todd and the book of pure evil forever

  • Hi, I’m from Ukraine, and I really like this series. I hope you make a season 3.
    Sorry for the error, the translated using google

  • Greetings from Australia.
    I randomly came across this show online after the end of the first season. I couldn’t resist checking it out from the name alone. It was soo much better then I was expecting in every possible way.
    Everybody I have told about Todd since has absolutely loved the show and has continued to spread the word.
    Not only do we want a third season, we want the show to be released in Australia!
    Keep up the great work guys.

  • If space refuses to give you a Third season try to sell it to Netflix, they’re looking for original programming… and Todd if anything is original.

  • Seriously you can’t stop there the evil must continue.
    ha the evii one fucked 3 dudes

  • Another way to promote it is pumping up the IMDB rating!

    Live long Todd!

  • This show is ausome, only LOSERS would let it end here.

  • [...] Are we getting another season? I don’t know how many comments I made and things I signed begging for a second season, do I have to do that all over again? (To do that all over again, click here) [...]

  • I am ready to sell my soul, my ass or anything I have worth it for a season three!
    desperate actually, watching re runs is sort of helping though, for now

  • Give us Season 3 “Looser”. xD

  • I sure hope there’ll b a season 3.
    I love this show, its fucking awesomely badassery.

    Heavy metal, blood & gore, marijuana use,
    Uncensored swearing all in one show. No other
    Tv series has all of these awesome things combined
    Into one show. Fucking awesome!

  • Season 3 should deffinately be shown todd rules LOSER.

  • Please, Please make season 3…it was so great to see Satan worshippers as Moronic idiots…this show is Brilliant

  • One of the very best shows on television to show up in a lonnnng time. 10 out of 10. Season 3 shouldn’t even be a question. It will undoubtedly be significantly more successful than the first 2 seasons, for the simple reason that everybody who watches this show loves it, then shows it to somebody else….. and so on and so on.

    SEASON 3!

  • No way! This show corrupts the minds and souls of the young ones!
    After watching every episode twice, I know how evil this show is. I’ve seen the signs all around me. Kids who starts turning their heads 360 degrees, blobs of teenagers stuck together, flying books (very evil looking) and much more. It would herald in the end times if another season appears. Oh, my God, it’s too late! Feeling the evil…taking…over… corrupting…me…!!!
    Hail Todd!

  • Todd and the Book of Pure Evil needs to do a season 3!! I just love the humor mixed in with the supernatural, the kick ass music, and the amazing cast that brings it all together. I want this show to be on for years to come!

  • “were so wasted. We have migrains” *facepalm* lol I fucking love Todd!!!

  • Gotta Come back with a season 3!!!! Everything about this show rules. Long live Todd and the book pure evil

  • I’m soooooo stoked about this show….. It’s everything I could ever ask for in a show. Seriously, it’s got it all, heavy metal, hot girls, hilarious jokes, and singing (man, I love those eps)… It makes be proud to be Canadian….

  • Please make a season 3. This show is way too awesome to not have one!

  • this guys made a petition for the season 3 http://www.change.org/petitions/space-channel-bring-back-todd-the-book-of-pure-evil enter and vote

  • This is by far the best show ive seen since X-men back in the day. Something where it becomes like a biological clock to wake up and immediately watch. I’ve already gotten a bunch of friends to watch it, only thing that had to be said was “Jason Mewes, hot girls, and Heavy Metal. So season 3 should be a no brainer for them. Or atleast I hope. ><

  • It was announced April 25, 2012. There will be no season 3. I really wanted to see what the connection between Hannah and the book was. Maybe a comic adaptation?

  • please tell me if you make a new season because i an dying to see the new episodes i love the blood guts and gore

  • I absolutely love this show i watch at least one season everyday really pissed that there might not be a third season. Also i think that since the Evil baby didn’t die that they should bring him back in the third season. That baby was kick ass real talk. Sorry but you cant end a show with such a cliffhanger ill be following all updates with the third season please space LETS GET CROWELY HIGH

  • the best tv show of the last 4 years

  • For the love of all things good, holy and metal, make a season 3!!!

  • Where is the third season already. Dying to see it. Need to know what Curtis is going to do and what aboot Hanna? Don’t forget aboot the bad but sexy Jenny oh ya!! Todd needs to make a come back. So get to making the third season LOSERS!

  • come on we need a season 3. this show is awesome

  • Bring on season 3 already…

  • I found this show on OnDemand about a month ago, and haven’t paid any attention to any show since. I live in the USA, and this is my absolute favorite show. I have a couple friends in Canada and Europe who all want season 3. Space, don’t disappoint your world wide fan base! Make a third season!

  • Bring this show back I realllllllllly want to see the 3rd season, the Space channel better renew the show’s series because it’s awesome, it’s one of the most original shows that channel had aired in a long time and they better renew the damn series.

  • I must see another season, this is by far one of the best shows ive seen ina long long time. keep at it!!

  • Freakin Awesome show!!!!
    Season 3 Needed…. Shit’s like crack
    I need a hit!!!
    Withdraw simptons =)

  • Season 3 would be awesome, but kudos to the Todd crew for making the Season 2 finale a satisfying series finale just in case.

  • Give me Season Three!!!!!!!!

  • We need season 3. need to see whats up with Hannah D!

  • If not a season 3 at least make a full length movie:) makes more sense the show shouldn’t be milked for more seasons and run the risk of being ruined

  • For all you Todd fans sign the patition they have cancled Todd so there will be no season 3 we need 6631 so show support to Todd and the book of pure evil and sign the patition to save Todd

  • We need season three!!!! I’m waiting for it!!

  • Please…Please make a third season, there is so much crap on t.v. and and a gem like this needs to keep going forward. ( Big old boners pointing up to my navel…my navel :D )

  • All i wanna know is when season three starts!!! im fending…

  • I’m from Brazil and i would like a new season!

  • Another fan from Russia (actually there are four of us).
    “Todd and the book of pure evil” is soooo cool, so ROCK! We already bought corn chips, we can’t wait more!

  • c’mon guyz… you gotta give me a season 3… the show is funny as hell(no pun intended)… you can’t leave a cliff hanger like what you did and expect us to just move on…

  • fuck ya there should be a 3rd season todd is bitchen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Hello, I’m from France and we need a season three. This show is really amzing. And with the cliffhanger of season two, a season is needed. I really love the show.

  • I’ve signed the petition and have sent an e-mail to Space and Fear.net. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil needs, nay, deserves, at least four more seasons and a movie!

  • Да пошли вы нахуй

  • SURPRISE!!, A non Canadian here :-) , just wanted to say this is a Awesome…!, series hoping they’ll make a season THREE :D .

  • The show must go on!

  • Seriously season 3 needs to be made. People all over the world want this to happen.

  • Im from Australia and was lucky to have even heard of this show, let alone watch it! I love it so much, it needs more seasons!!!!

  • I NEED IT !!!


  • i need season three

  • todd and the book of pure evil is amazing, im from brazil, and i loved this


  • I haven’t seen such an original show like this for so long now. It was enthralling and creepy yet humorous. It’s so rare to fine something like this; to have it end with only 2 season is an atrocity to all of mankind! We need a season 3, I really hope it comes back…

  • Please for the love of god bring this tv show back!!!

  • SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GO GO Space, we need season 3. Actually, its my favorite serie, winning until Supernatural. Please put back in the air, We need see Hanna and Jenny again, and the madness of Todd and Curtis. TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL SEASON 3!!!


  • Season 3, git er duuun!!!

  • i just finesh season 2 ended really well but come on there needs to be more there is so much scope there and on a plus iv watch episode 10 of season 2 i now now every word to the episode and song i was THAT good
    ” Wolf rape Wolf rape” funnest thing ever please let there be more

    • crap i meant “it” “it was so good”

  • Holy shit I just watched 3 episodes in a row-totally Fuckin’ awesome!
    season 2 finale next week!There has to be more of this,simply the best thing on tv!

  • Another brazilian fan here… This is one of the funniest series around, I can’t wait to see a new season!

  • pleas make another season me and my brother LOVE todd and the book of pure evil its the best thing i have ever watched.

  • i meant please

  • todd season 3 is needed more than jenny needs boning just saying!

  • So, if I sucked the producer’s off….. would it help???

  • I love this show so much I don’t know if I should watch it or suck it off!!!

  • I am such a high crkit but i love todd and book of pure evil so !!!!!!!!! Season 3 season 3 season 3 season 3 season 3 and 4 5 6 7 8 …..!!!!!!!!!

  • They really need to make another season, this is by far the best show i’ve seen in awhile…that and Maggie Castle is hot!

  • This is a great show… And it must be brought back… It must continue..

  • Dude im from tge uk and I LOVE t&tbope I BEG YOU PLEASE!!!!! Make a season three :(

  • I could quite happlily wait for 5 more years so long as I knew you were making it PLEASE!

  • please , its one of the best shows ever , hopefully we going to see a third season from it , i cant wait to see the end …..cheerz mates

  • i need more!! now! why would you do such an evil thing! no really its a great show …keep it

  • Def worth having a season 3…. netflix is a good way to help it get noticed.. keep it up… so we can have our show back

  • Bring back the show – just came across it and its completely hilarious, absurd and outrageous. We need more, please.


  • I just found this show. Bring it back!!


  • Discovered this show last week on netflix. Watched all the episodes in one week. I then bought season 1 on dvd so i could watch the original short. I need to know what happens to the gang. 1 more season please just to wrap up that amazing season 2 finale.

  • An American fan here! I discovered the show on Comcast via Fear.Net, and fell in love with it instantly, and just finished the second season on Netflix. I didn’t think it was possible, but it got even better. I pray that someone will pick up the show, even if it is someone like HBO or Showtime. I’m going to miss all of the actors and actress that brought their characters to life, especially Melanie!

  • Fantastic show. Just found it on Netflix. Please bring it back. It’s the third best thing to come out of Canada.

  • Please put out another season that cliff hanger was awesome but will suck without an explanation!!!

  • Love this show started 2 days ago and just finished. If those guys at SPACE dont make a 3rd season i’ll be pissed.

  • I’m a Metal Head and Horror junkie from way back, and I’ve just discovered Todd and his cohorts. I’ve watched every episode in the last three days and I have to say it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, I’m addicted. As one of the other comments stated, please don’t let this be another mistake like “Firefly”, the story must continue. The writers, crew, and especially the cast are tremendous. Let Todd and the Book of Pure Evil live on!!!!!

  • I just watched the first 2 seasons fucking hilarious…how can you end a series like that?! I need a season 3 our at least a fucking movie to finish off that cliffhanger of season 2

  • Need season 3! This show is so metal and awesome and Jason mewes is tight as hell we need another season!

  • Gotta have more! Just finished Blac Tie Showdown, and went on th web to find more, it’s like an awesome drug. You crazy Canadians have done it, a freakin kick ass show that th whole world can love. Please make more seasons, at least one more to tie everything together and give th real fans some closure. If u don’t do this for us then it is you who are the “LOSERS”. This has been sent by an anxious American fan from West Virginia.

  • Don’t b a Shit Rooster gotta have more seasons

  • This show is outstanding, can’t get enough!

  • Guys, we need to get this show back , the cliffhanger was too much and this show was too great, it can’t suffer a firefly fate, it has so much potential. There’s gotta be a gwar episode, they go hand in hand. Somebody email gwar and get them on our side!

  • i just watched the first two seasons marathon style (2 days) on netflix in the middle of the most brutal finals week i’ve experienced to date (first semester junior). this show beats the living hell out of studying and is one of the funniest/most original takes on campy horror that i’ve ever seen. please for the love of god/satan/flying spaghetti monster, bring this show back. it’s kinda the best thing ever, while simultaneously being more addictive than crack cocaine.

  • I need a season 3

  • I’ve been waiting for a show like this to come into my life. Thank you for an awesome 2 seasons of unboring, pure (evil) entertainment. I hope to make something this great one day. My I hope my emails (to the network asking for a 3rd season) are not in vein.

  • Come on, Kevin Smith, do something about Todd :)

    • Agreed! If anyone could save it he could

  • I too always go obese when I’m trying to grease my piece. Come on, SEASON 3!

  • Come on bring it back guys. Kevin smith really needs to help with this.

  • I stumbled across this show on netflixtwo days ago. For the love of the pure evil one this show needs a third season. You CANNOT end a show like that!
    1. Who/what are the metal dudes? Satan?
    2. What the hell is the story behind hannah and her parents?!
    3. Was jimmy the pure evil one once? (Chased by the metal dudes plus innate knowledge of the book, and prior relationship with nikki)

    • 1. I think the best way to describe the three metal dudes is off there shirts.
      - False Prophet
      - Beast
      - Dragon.
      2. It is pretty much shown, that Hannah is a product of a piece of the book being merged into flesh. That she was a creation and that she was not born. Aka no parents.
      3. I would agree yes Jimmy was the first pure evil one but betrayed the three when he didn’t want to be the evil one, I also have a theory he’s Todd’s father. But that’s neither here nor there.
      4. I completely agree something should be made to completely close the amazing series and pure genius this show is. However I lean more towards the earlier comment that was stated above. It should be a full length movie that way all fans are happy with the questions being answered and not worry of the show continuing on and then becoming what most shows that last 7 seasons or 8 or 10 seasons last become, Nonsense that doesn’t even follow the original story.

      -The Reaper64

  • I just watched a marathon of this show on Netflix and I got to say how much I enjoyed it. The catch is you left the audience with a still strong show and and unfinished story. So I ask that you take a letter from the book of similar shows and either let it jump the shark on it’s own or give it a movie send off. Otherwise it’s cult status will build but time will have moved on to far and it will become a regretfully missed opportunity.

  • PLEASE bring back Todd and the book of pure evil!!!! The show is such an awsomely badass wicked tv series i miss it SOOOOO much its crazy!!!! Plus all the fans and critics LOVED the show. You left it open for a third season, you had major ratings and just up and took it off the air WHY?! PLEASE bring back Todd and the book of pure evil. Stop being losers and bring back Todd and the book of pure evil. Ya LOSER

  • Too all things heavy and metal I need a season three. I wont give up even when failure is assured you shit roosters. This show is what got me back into metal.

  • I fucking love this show! If they don’t make a season three i will start shooting kittens….i swear I’ll do it!

  • We really need a season 3! I just discovered this series and watched it in 2 days, one season a day. This is probably the best show ever and needs to be continued!



  • PLEASE MAKE SEASON 3!!!! This show is great, just finished it and i need more.

  • Блять,я так хочу увидеть новый сезон и серии “Тодд и книга чистой воды”,что захожу на иностранныесайты и ищу сериала продолжение на английском языке,хоть и не лчень хорошо его понимаю!!!


  • Bring it back!

  • please make a season 3 for the love of god make a season 3

  • Please make a season 3 for this show! The cliff hanger at the end of season 2 was just too much and you can’t leave it ending like that! Please PLEASE make a third season!

  • Do a satanic ritual of sorts to get another 10 seasons please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HANNAH!

  • Finally found this show off of Netflix here in the US. This needs to come back. I don’t care if i have to wait to be able to see it again just as long as it comes back and I can keep watching it.

  • I need it! Give it to me!.. Give it to me ryt MEOW!… LOSER!

  • Please please please please please bring back Todd! I’m a Canadian expat who only discovered Todd & on Netflix a week ago. We sped through both seasons. Best cdn show after Kids and TPBs.

  • You must create a season 3!!!

  • Wow, just finished season 2 and enjoyed it tremendously!!! I hope everyone is heard and a season 3 is made.

  • This show is the shit. Honestly there has to be a season 3. Especially with the way season 2 ended. Come on you cant stop now!

  • I’m an American fan and I just discovered this show via Netflix. I’m blown away that Space didn’t sign them on for another season. This show is genius. I don’t know how they pulled it off, but the ideas in each episode are absurd and hilarious and yet they still managed to produce it into an addictive show. Season 3 (and more) NEED to happen, whether Space, Netflix, etc signs them on. Bring Back Todd!!!

  • I love love love this show just watched it last week on netflix in 2 days and im on the 3rd watching.this is the best,there needs to be more Todd.We need a season 3!.need more of the coolest gang ever.

  • There has to be a season 3! I can’t believe they would just stop production when this is literally the best show I have ever watched.

  • Even a movie would work to finish off the series! A two hour movie which sums up all the storylines is the answer! Kevin Smith could direct it and I know he has the power to relase movies!

  • Seriously this show is a rare brand of comedic genius that you just don’t see anymore. It’s simple without being or tacky and EVERYONE who’s not a total shit rooster or ass dragon loves this show. I wrote one of what will become a regular email to the people at space. Please! Everyone who comments here do the same and if not from the sudden flood of mainstream interest from the U.S. than from sheer irritation from their flooded inbox WE WILL BRING BACK TODD!!!!!!!!!


  • The world needs a 3rd season of Todd and the book of pure evil. It’s as simple as that.

  • Really, bring this show back, everyone loves it, its brilliance.

  • Great show!

  • Started the show literally 2 days ago and just finished the 2nd season. I was hoping it would explain a lot of things but really left more questions. don’t know what the situation is but a gods show like this should not be left unfinished. Thats just bogus to the fans who spent time admiring the series. Hope ask works out

  • Any news on eOne picking it up? There were some rumors last year.

    Seems a lot of us found out about the show after it had already been cancelled. I’ll call that ‘The Netflix Effect’.

    We need a season 3 or a movie. Even a set of webisodes would do….

  • I came across this on Netflix one day and am really glad I did. It’s been awhile since the series was cut short, but I do hope something will come out of it eventually. It would be a shame if it went unfinished.

  • Get the fuck on with it! its the best show ever invented. they make season after season of utter SHIT on TV and finally there’s something good on, no AMAZING on and there making me fucking beg for it! well this is my version of begging for it; “get the fuck on with it shit roosters!”

  • Plz bring back Todd and the book of pure evil back! Must see if the new Hannah is evil or the same. And what happen to Curtis friendship with Todd and Jenny, and did Todd and Jenny ever make out. And if the show does come back plz bring the original actors back cuz it wouldn’t be the same without the original actors, love this show, tiny Todd rules !

  • I just finished Season 2 on Netflix and SOMEBODY has to pick this show up for a third season. There’s so much room for awesomeness left that the show hasn’t even been able to touch yet! More about Jason Mewes’ backstory, the cliffhanger at the end of the second season, the rift in the gang…there’s so much more story left to be told! We should start e-mailing Netflix as well as space@spacecast.com.

  • I’m going to lose my shit if there isn’t a season three. I’ll have to go back to furiously masturbating in me bedroom.

  • Dude, why did they cancel this show?!?! And it seems there isn’t much left to it ne ways on top of the fact that its a.great show!!! Just release a movie or a last season and end it, I’ll be a lot more satisfied

  • My husband and I just finished the first two episodes of Todd on Netflix… and we’ve been quoting it all day. I’m totally making ringtones out of half those lines! I can’t wait to burn through the first two seasons on Netfix – I hope there’s a season 3!!!

  • I admire your countrys freedom. I have been telling anyone who will listen about this awesome show that is unlike anything I had ever seen. The word of mouth is spreading like German herpes down here south of the border.

  • Loser!!! Just had to get that out this shows almost been over for two years season three must come into play

  • Season 3 pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee

  • need season three

  • This show needs to come back right now! This is one of the best comedy shows out there, i have never seen anything quite like it. bring back todd!

  • Please bring it back i just saw the second season ending and i´m hooked

  • Saw it on Netflix. Loved it. Let’s get Crowley High. LOL. What happened to Hannah?

  • Please make a season 3! I love this show and don’t want it to be over! So please :)

  • Watching the first and second season over again… Please make a season three!!!

  • REALLY want a new season of Todd. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I just started season 2 and haven’t finished but I’m already hating that the show may be cancelled =[ Bring season 3, PLEASE!

  • Does anyone have a potato?


  • I want, no I need the producers to understand, I don’t normally write on boots or posts but this show must go on, and does any one know where the weed has gone, what do you keen there’s none anywhere, how do you run out of weed?

  • Make season 3 so Todd can destroy the world

  • Todd & The Pure Book Of Evil Fucking Rocks Greatest Show Ever

  • Todd and the book of pure evil deserves more seasons. It’s funny and kinda different. This show diff. hooked me in. I couldn’t stop laughing. So, Please make more. Us Todd and the book of pure evil fans need more episodes and seasons…. You just can’t leave it like that.

  • I remember finishing season 2 on Netflix. With an ending like that, not making season 3 would be the biggest dick move of all time!

  • The show MUST go on!!!!

  • I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!! I NEED A SEASON 3!!!!!!!!

  • This show saved me from all the stupid reality shows of today. This is my kind of show you have to have a season three. I cant live without this show.!

  • Where is season 3? This is THE best show I ever watched,bring us season 3 pls!

  • please please please do season 3 soon

  • Just found this on Netflix. What an amazing show. If only someone would pick up season 3.

  • There has to be a season….I discoveres this show on Netflix only 5 days ago and I finished season two….there needs to be a season 3.PLEASE!!!!

  • Please! Please! Please! Make a Season 3!!! My friends and I have watched both 1st and 2nd Season and LOVED IT!!! We were sad to see it end…


  • This show may have just become my favorite television show of all time. Metal? Gore? Canadian humor? These are the ingredients for the best show of all time. Please do this amazing show justice and give us the opportunity to enjoy a third season or a feature film to round out the story. You know I hear Netflix has been picking up and producing original content….

  • Just blazed through the 1st two seasons on Netflix… I must have a season 3!!! Or maybe we can get a film to wrap it all up?

  • My fiance and I love this show. We watched both seasons in a matter of days and got a couple of our friends hooked, too. Please, keep it going!!! It is the funniest show out there.

    - LL

  • OMFG WE NEED A SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is fu$%@&% bull$@?% just finished the second season and now find out I may never find out what happened to jimmy and Jenny and Hannah(who happens to be way hotter than jenny)but what the f I feel like I’ve been robbed…BRING BACK TODD!!!!!!!

  • Season 3 is a must. Too much story left untold and my imagination is ruining it. Pretty please with a big bloody cherry on top?

  • The ending of season 2 wasn’t the cleanest to end the show entirely. It would be cool if they could do one final season to wrap everything up.

  • I emailed Space yesterday and this is the response I got back today:

    “Hello Jeffrey,

    Sadly, Space will not be producing a third season of Todd. Thank you for your interest in Space programming.

    Space Programming”


  • The only way we’d get a season 3 if it was more
    Available in the United States … However I heard
    The show might be picked up or be made a web
    Series either way I love this show the whole thing
    With Hannah and being tied to the book makes so
    Much sense since she never was effected by the book
    Once I also want to see the relationship between
    Todd and Curtis and Jenny maybe Curtis love
    Hannah will bring the book back and the new test
    Subject either way there’s still so much to see unfold
    I’ve already bought the DVDs to support the show
    Here’s to getting Todd and evil back

  • Come on dudes, you have to make a season three! Don’t be a loser, loser.

  • you have 2 keap this show fucking going this is the best show i have ever sean and that last episode was wicked and i want to know more

  • It’s unreal if there is only 2 seasons!! Epic show!

  • Please please please make season 3! I fucking love this show and I have to know what happens next!!

  • I hope you burn for cancelling this show.


  • This show is freaking fantastic! Instead of studying for any midterms i have spent the last two days watching all of the episodes and i need more! i can not believe such a great show was cancelled and we the people demand some sort of closure to the story!!

  • Please make a season 3

  • Honestly, this show, despite having a lot of gore, is quite fantastic. Two whole seasons and only one bad episode, quite impressive (the only bad episode is “Gay Day”, because of the bullying because of sexual orientation and the disgusting ending made me wanna puke the rest of the day). This show has kept me entertained throught the whole series. I even tried watching an episode during school in between classes just to finish it! This show has brought a revival to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer type of TV, which is also an amazing show! The show must continue! Hannah died but that doesn’t mean it has to end! There’s that clone of her (or maybe the original body?)! This show needs to continue, I am I unsatisfied for awesomeness of this show! Please, allow it to continue! Todd has to fulfill his destiny as The Pure Evil One and get with Jenny! It had brought the best evil quotes to my memory such as: “Eliminate her then screw her?” and “Not goat shit, man-goat shit!” Please, don’t destroy one of the few horror-based things I enjoy! There are so many unfinished plot-points! What about the big bad baby, the Hannah-like being, and Todd’s destiny!? The show needs to be wrapped up in at least 2 more seasons! Please don’t cancel it!

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