Catch the Rest of Season 2, Thursdays at 9 & 9:30 ET on SPACE

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If you’ve been missing your favourite show, don’t despair – be sure to watch SPACE at 9ET on Thursday for two back-to-back brand new episodes!

5 Comments to “Catch the Rest of Season 2, Thursdays at 9 & 9:30 ET on SPACE”

  • Finally something to do on a Thursday night.

  • Who is this Aaron person whom no ones ever heard of that is posting content to the book of pure evil web page???? Some one should interview him

  • Can’t wait, this show is amazing!!!

  • I just want to say that Season 2 has somehow managed to top the outstanding standard of quality established by the prior season. I eagerly await the next round of new episodes, because this show has seriously spoiled me; nothing else on TV right now can even come close, and every time I turn the set on, I just wish that I was watching more Todd.

    The comedic goldmine you guys have tapped into is only matched by the strength and lovability of the characters themselves. When I’m watching your show, I have tears in my eyes the whole way through; if not from laughter, then from the heartbreaking sincerity and sweetness that thrive amongst the absurdist humour and immaturity. For an hour after the Season 2 finale, I was still literally weeping at the death of my favorite character, and I’m not a person who becomes emotionally drawn into fiction very often.

    The music and writing are stunningly well-crafted again as well, and the new musical episode amazingly managed to outdo the first one. Melanie Leishman’s performance in particular was jaw-dropping.

    I’m glad to see that there is some great intelligence crafting the story and progression, too. It is indescribably orgasmic to rewatch the first season now and see all the foreshadowing of plot points that were introduced in the second.

    Anyway, I hope Season 2 is released for purchase soon, either through iTunes or DVD, because you already have me sold. At least my good fortune as a Canadian lets me watch it on spacecast.com until then, so kudos for that everybody!

    So, in short, I love this show so much that I don’t know whether to watch it, or suck it off.

  • Can’t wait till season 3

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