The Book Of Pure Evil Will Return (Obviously…)

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For whatever reason, Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil will be taking a hiatus over the holidays while most people are spreading joy and happiness. I know, lame right? Who needs peace and love when you could have blood and destruction?

Anyways – Todd and the Gang will return in January with 7 more killer episodes (literally, our body count is getting ridiculous). Stay tuned for dates and times!

6 Comments to “The Book Of Pure Evil Will Return (Obviously…)”

  • one of my fav. shows to date. keep um coming. and more Melanie Leishman in sexy costumes.


  • fck that more maggie castles in sexy costumes :D

  • I’m so excited, can’t wait. :) LET THE MOTHERFUCKING COUNTDOWN BEGIN.

  • My bf and I LOVE this show :) Can’t wait til it returns!!!

  • Best F#%^& comedy show ever!!!
    gets better with each new episode!!

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