Season 2 Premiered, Changed The World.

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If you are Canadian and have any sense, you probably tuned into the premiere of Season 2 last night on SPACE. From all of us here at TBOPE headquarters, thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed the manic poopy seniors and the return of your favourite gang.

Don’t miss next week’s episode, where Todd breaks up with the Gang to avoid hurting them, but he’s forced to intervene when they’re sucked into a dangerous new social group. Its a good one, I promise.

5 Comments to “Season 2 Premiered, Changed The World.”

  • I absolutely loved episode 1 of season 2. It completely blew my mind to find out that Atticus senior was working for the three “Losers” in the parking lot. (Is it to forward of me to call them the loserteers) Anyway, keep up the GREAT work you guys, can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • he wasn’t, they were tricking atticus

  • when is season 2 coming to itunes?

  • Hi. Im Radek from Czech Republic. I love this series! Best episode 1-11 The Phantom of Crowley High. BEST music, best actors performance, best Jenny singing! :o ) ooo). Send kiss for Maggie Castle. Bye.

  • omg i luv todd and the book of pure EVIL!

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