The Gemini Awards Get A Dose of Pure Evil

We are very pleased to announced that Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil has been nominated for 8 (count ‘em!) Gemini awards. For American fans, the Gemini’s are like the Canadian Emmy awards, except the Emmy’s are clearly less evil.

The series has been nominated for:

- Best Ensemble Cast
- Best Performance By A Comedic Actor in a Leading Role (Chris Leavins as Atticus Murphy Jr.)
- Best Direction in A Comedy Series (Craig David Wallace – Farewell To Curtis’ Arm)
- Best Direction in A Comedy Series (James Dunnison – The Phantom Of Crowley High)
- Best Writing in a Comedy Series (Charles Picco – The Phantom of Crowley High)
- Best Writing in a Comedy Series (Garry Campbell – Checkmate)
- Best Editing in a Comedy Series (D. Gillian Truster – Farewell To Curtis’ Arm)
- Best Casting (Lewis Kay Casting, Jim Heber)

Meanwhile, there are only a few more weeks left of production on Season 2, which, I can personally guarantee* will be nominated for even more awards next year.

**Authors note: This guarantee is by no means an actual guarantee.


9 Comments to “The Gemini Awards Get A Dose of Pure Evil”

  • i knew they’d get their my brother says this show sucks but who’s laughing now brother ha ha and i repeat ha

  • woo-hoo goTodd!!!!!!!

  • Atticus is the best character in the show, hands down!

  • Congrats to the cast and crew! Very cool that Chris Leavins was nominated. Atticus is my favorite character on the show. Also cool to see Charles Picco was nominated for writing. Met him here in Newfoundland at the Sci-Fi on the Rock convention a few months back and he was an incredibly nice (er…I mean, evil) guy.

  • fucking right! i love this show and everyone on it. way to go guys!

  • When will this Evil show be airing season 2 -WHEN? WHEENNNNN?-

  • Needless to say, I’ll be watching the Gemini’s for the first time ever.

  • Chris Leavins is my nephew. I’m so proud!!!!!!

  • Congratulations Chris! I’m so happy your career has reignited and is so hot right now!

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