HOLY JUPITER SHIT! Todd is Coming to America!

As if today wasn’t good enough for Americans, here’s one more reason to shoud “USA! USA!”. Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is coming stateside on FEARnet HD (yes, that’s High Definition). There couldn’t be a more awesome, cooler American channel to premiere Todd.

Tuesdays at 10pm on FEARnet HD, premiering on August 2nd, 2011. Check them out here

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  • It’s about time! I couldn’t wait much longer, so I just packed up and moved to Canada instead.

  • [...] As for right now, Mewes is filming season 2 of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil which he explained as “90210 meets Tales from the Crypt meets Buffy and Degrassi.”  While the show has been a hit in Canada, we’ve only barely been able to start seeing it here in the US recently, and Mewes was excited people now get to see it.  The show centers around a group of kids in high school and a book of pure evil. Mewes explained the plot of one episode where a girl who is overweight makes a deal with the book to turn her thin. but then the fat sucked out of her body turns into a monster that goes around spraying other kids and turning them morbidly obese. Mewes plays Jim the janitor, who tells the kids what they need to know. This show sounds amazing, and I’m going to do my best to check it out when it premieres August 2nd. [...]

  • Just found out about this show and its now one of my favorites

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