Todd & The Book of Pure Evil rocks on…

Just because the first season of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil has ended doesn’t mean you have to leave the crazy fun behind.  Here are a few things you can do to pass the time:

-Check out the very active Facebook page; new clips, discussions and promotions are always being added (let’s just say…there are plenty of ways to win Todd t-shirts if you follow the chatter on Facebook)

-Buy some songs from the Todd & The Book of Pure Evil iMix.  There are lots of awesome Canadian and international metal bands in there (and some other great non-metal songs too).  You’d be amazed at the sense memory flashes of scenes gone by.  Try listening to Black Moor’s “The Conquering” without thinking of a giant severed cockmonster, or You Say Party!’s “Glory” without imagining a violent sexy lesbian twin gang clone war.

-Get a Crowley High t-shirt, only available at our Todd Store.  Take your photo in the shirt, and add it to our Crowley High alumni page on Facebook.  Crowley High Football Rules! (well, it can’t be worse than their basketball team)

-Download the entire season (plus bonus scenes/blooper reel) from iTunes Canada.  Watch it on a bus and witness the disgusted looks on the people sitting around you.  Uncomfortable fun.

-On January 3rd, 2011, start the new year off right with a Todd Marathon on SPACE starting at 5pm.  All thirteen episodes in a row, with some special guest spots in-between each episode.  Who could ask for more?  You could?!  You smarmy bastards…

-You want more?  We’ll give you more!  In the new year, look out for a Todd soundtrack (with songs from the musical episode), more deleted scenes and outtakes, a DVD set, more contests and who knows, maybe even a nasty showdown between our resident FAQer Tom Crooze and his bitter rival FAQer Gene Lampman…

8 Comments to “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil rocks on…”

  • Bitchin’! Glad to hear more about the soundtrack, as well as a DVD release and some extras. The Fucking Awesome Questions were an entertaining read too, so following up on that would be cool. Better than watching Glee, or whatever other shit is on the tube now.

  • Dudes.
    i would love to watch/buy the entire season but its not available to the US market. if you can change that then you’ve got yourself at least one sale

  • very excited to hear there will be a dvd release!

  • I remember seeing the short film years ago and I was so Stoked for the show and now all this kick ass shit! Todd fuckin rules

  • I better see a second season. This show is amazing.

  • This is the most righteous thing to come out of Canada since maple syrup. Season 2 needs to happen!

  • But given that this is Canada and Canadians are usually quite unsupportive of their own shows, (especially when the don’t suck) will there actually be a Season Two or is that as much a pipe dream as anything Todd and Curtis might have after school?

  • so when can i buy the first season in stores? b/c my parents are assfucks and wnt lets me buy stuff off the internets…

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