Oh baby! Oh, baby. Noooooooo – BABY!!!

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is proud to announce the upcoming birth of its ninth episode.  On Wednesday November 17th, get ready for “Big Bad Baby” (yes, we’re whores for alliteration) premiering on SPACE at 9pm.  Crowley High has a teen pregnancy pact problem, but this one turns out to be a bit more deadly than most.

Todd sets out to prove to Jenny that he’s father material by delivering a gigantic baby borne from the power of The Book, who proceeds to terrorize the school.

Babies around the world will be very upset at you if you miss this episode!

And if you need to catch up on any episodes of Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, you can always tune in on or ITunes.

3 Comments to “Oh baby! Oh, baby. Noooooooo – BABY!!!”

  • So can we get a little more behind the scenes scoops on the blog? pictures perhaps? maybe you and aaron can introduce yourselves formally.

    • Hi Cookie,
      We’re just shy lowly minions of the giant evil corporation that creates Todd & The Book of Pure Evil in the subterranean level of a factory farm (also owned by said corporation). If we were allowed out for sunshine breaks or air, we would love to let you in on the torture and madness behind the scenes, but we fear for our…what’s that sound….did you hear that? I think…

      • Hilarious, I won’t pry then.. lol.

        I missed this episode.. *sniffle*. :-(

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